Our Mission

RGV House Calls provides primary care services for patients in rural and underserved areas, or for patients who cannot leave their home to see their primary care physician.

Our Focus

RGV House Calls helps underserved populations get access to high-quality medical care when and where they need it. High-quality, on-site care leads to better outcomes for our patients, including fewer hospitalizations and lower medical costs. RGV House Calls is committed to best practices and high-quality health outcomes.

Our Reach

RGV House Calls serve the population of Cameron and Hidalgo County.

About Us

RGV House Calls proudly serves our friends, neighbors, and communities of Cameron and Hidalgo counties with quality healthcare. We serve from Brownsville to Mission. Our team of providers and support specialists are members of the local community.

Our goal is to provide quality healthcare services for patients in rural and underserved areas, or for patients who cannot leave their home to see their primary care physician.

Improve the Quality of Care

We can improve the quality of care for high-risk patients, while reducing both costs and excess consumption of healthcare resources, especially in the form of reduced emergency department use and hospitalization.

We establish a close relationship with patients and their families and deliver solutions to meet each individual patient’s needs.

  • Comprehensive primary care
  • Acute/Urgent care
  • Care management for high-risk patients
  • Post-hospitalization discharge follow-up
  • In-home blood drawing services and X-rays
  • Medication management
  • Preventive care, including annual physical exams and functional assessments
  • For Patients

    • Our In-home visit offers quality healthcare for patients who are unable to visit the doctor’s office—in the comfort and familiarity of their home or facility. There is no hassle with driving, parking, or waiting in a physician’s office.

    • Enjoy a visit where the physician takes as much time as needed and takes an active role in your day-to-day health and well-being.

    • Our providers will also evaluate your home environment and assess lifestyle issues such as fall hazards and medication management.

  • For Assisted Living Facilities

    Optimize Occupancy

    • Attract residents due to the availability of quality, on-site care.
    • Reduce attrition from unnecessary medical crises by taking a proactive and preventive approach to care.
    • Keep beds full by reducing the usual cycle of hospital admissions and readmissions.

    Reduce costs

    • Eliminate the high transportation costs to and from physician offices and the associated liability.
    • Increase staff productivity by having a single point of contact for all necessary medical services.
    • Utilize Home Health and Hospice services more efficiently.

  • For Primary Care Physicians

    • We act as an extension of your practice by providing advanced quality care for patients who are unable to visit the doctor’s office, in the comfort and privacy of their home or facility.

    • In-home service for patients with limited mobility helps provide reassurance and reduce hospital admissions.

    • Home visits help integrate and coordinate the steps in a patient’s transition from the hospital, their recovery from an illness, or in the phase between being homebound and recovering mobility—until they are able to return to the office.

    • In-home advanced care may be indicated if your patient:
      • Is home-limited/homebound
      • Has limited resources, support, and/or transportation
      • Has co-morbidities or need for chronic disease management

  • For Employers

    • Give your employees the option of high-quality, “concierge”-like medical services.

    • RGV House Calls will work with you to develop a plan for providing comprehensive on-site medical care. Employees who use the services will not have to take time to travel to the doctor and sit forever in a waiting area. It will also reduce the need to squander PTO time to get laboratory or imaging services that we can provide on-site.

    • The employer model improves access to medical care and makes for better adherence to appointments. The result is a proactive, patient-centered form of care, instead of a reactive, crisis-oriented approach—one that improves the quality of care while also reducing costs for you, the employer, and for the healthcare system.

    • Our on-site care program enables companies to have a real impact on the health of their employees. Unlike the traditional wellness fair or visiting nurse programs, our on-site providers can both identify and treat health care issues. This means better outcomes and fewer workplace disruptions.